Self Weight Adjusting Mechanism

Part Name: Self Weight Adjusting Mechanism
Part No.: 0SA01APC01
Description: Due to self weight adjusting feature, this mechanism is most suitable for chairs which are used round the clock by different users.
Initial seat angle of 1 degrees. Full recline angle of 20 degrees, with certain amount of backward seat slide.
Horizontal front back movement of lever paddle to engage and disengage lock at four different positions.
Vertical up/down movement of lever paddle to operate gas spring and adjust chair height to user specification.
Full length plastic knob provided to cover lever bar giving better aesthetical appeal to the mechanism.
Spring tention adjustment not required since mechanism adjusts itself as per the userĀ  weight, by transferring force applied for back recline to lift seat of the user.
This helps avoid bulky spring protruding outside of the mechanism. Gives a very sleek and compact look to the mechanism.